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April 22, 2004
Today we received our artist copies of "the supreme collection", a new compilation by our Japanese label Ward records that features our own 'Behind the Scenes' alongside other artists of Ward's world music program - including some really nice Bossa Nova artists from Brasil ("where else???" you might think now, but wait until you hear the new album by Camping on Plug Research...). The CDs came with a set of japanese key-chain toys that are apparently somehow connected to the album. We'll probably be the hot guys of our block when we wear them...

Another note for people reading this from outside Germany:
'Interiors' is now also available in Danmark (from play/rec), Spain (from deli.kolder), Canada (from Scratch Records), Finland (from Lasso Distro) and the USA (from Forced Exposure).
Starting on May 10th it will also finally be available in the UK via Shellshock.
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